Friday, 28 August 2015

Loving & Loathing - Week 72 - Under £10 Special!

What, another Loving & Loathing post...ON TIME?! I know, I must have had a bang to the head or something. But as I'm going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow (congratulations, Jack and Charlotte!) and catching up with a Uni friend and her family the next day (word, Jennie), I thought I'd get you this edition out nice and early so you can read it at your leisure over the Bank Holiday Weekend. And as it's a Bank  Holiday and payday for lots of you, I've found you some real bargains to spend your pennies on. In fact, all the products I've chosen will give you change from a tenner - bargain! And if you've been mucked about by HSBC and not been paid, creep into your overdraft and buy something to cheer yourself up ;-)

L-R: MeMeMe Skin Illuminator, Boots Foot Softener, Original Source Shower Gel, ImPRESS Nails


MeMeMe's Pearl Pink
MeMeMe Beat The Blues Skin Illuminator in Pearl Pink
RRP £5.95 (Buy):
This is rumoured to be an absolute dupe for a very similar product from a well-known high-end cosmetics brand...alright, I'll say it  - it's meant to be a dead ringer for Benefit's High Beam. Not having that particular product to compare the two, I'm judging MeMeMe's highlighter on its own merits, and I'm delighted to say that it's an excellent product. The photo to the right shows it in 3 stages - applied with the brush, semi-blended and blended - with the latter giving a beautiful, subtle pearly shine. This is the second product by MeMeMe that I've tried and been really impressed with (you can read my review of their Cherub's Blush tint here), so I'm definitely thinking about getting more of their things - perhaps one of their eyeshadow palettes next time. If you don't want to spend the extra £13.55 on Benefit's High Beam then give this little beauty a go; with a product as good as this there's no need to pay more!

Boots Intensive Foot Softener
RRP £5.99 (Buy):
Tipped off by my bestie Josie on this wonder-product years ago, this still remains my go-to foot product to date. The cream is incredibly thick, and as you massage it into tired, dry feet you can already feel it working wonders. I use it before I go to bed and by the time I wake up in the morning my feet are already so much softer. My feet are ridiculously dry and cracked, so I am embarking on a campaign of warfare against them to make them nice and smooth; this lovely lotion will pay an integral part. It's a nice big 150ml size and because it's so rich you don't need masses, meaning that the tube lasts for absolutely ages. It's also a great price, so what's not to love?

Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree Shower Gel
RRP £2.30 (Buy):
Ooh, I do love an Original Source shower gel - they're always super-fruity and smell so edible! You may remember how I love the Raspberry & Cocoa version as I said in my January Favourites video (which if you haven't seen you can check out here) and while may not be quite as scrumptious, it still smells incredibly good. I love citrus scents for morning showers as they really wake you up, and since The Body Shop's Sweet Lemon range is now defunct, this definitely has to be my favourite lemon shower gel. It never fails to amaze me how strong and lovely Original Source's fragrances are, and I've not found one yet that I don't love. They also now have a moisturising range called Skin Quench, and I'm dying to try the Pineapple and Coconut, as well as the brand-new Cherry and Jojoba fragrance. 


Broadway ImPRESS Nails
RRP £7.99
These press-on nails came in lovely shade named Kiss & Tell (I think - I no longer have the packaging!)...and that's about the only good thing about them. Broadway claim that they last up to a week, which is laughable; mine didn't even last an evening. One pinged off during dinner, and another when I was in bed. I couldn't be bothered to fiddle around with nail glue, so I just took them all off in a fit of pique. Considering they are meant to be self-adhesive, I shouldn't have to mess with glue at all as they are designed precisely to cut out this sort of nonsense. The nails were also a touch on the small side as well so they felt a bit tight, and looking at a review on Boots' website I'm not the only one who thought that. If they'd been a quid for a market there would be no harm done, but being just shy of £8 is ridiculous. The leftover ones in the photo have just gone straight in the bin.

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