Monday, 7 September 2015

Loving & Loathing - Week 73 - Nail Varnish Special #5

Well I made it through last weekend...just! My cousin's wedding was brilliant and there was much dancing and merriment, plus one or two drinks. I got up at 6am that day and made it to bed at 6am the next morning - I've only just about recovered! Basically, a good time was had by all...

So here we are with another Loving & Loathing, and since last time I tried to quantify my nail polish collection I lost count somewhere around 200(!), what better excuse to have another Nail Varnish Special? The three brands with a thumbs up from me this week have been longstanding favourites of mine, but you may be surprised about which one I disliked. Get yourself a cuppa, and then maybe do some online shopping...?

L-R: OPI Nail Lacquer, Jessica Custom Nail Colour, Barry M Nail Paint, Nails Inc Nail Polish
(Sorry about the shockingly bad photo quality!)


OPI Nail Lacquer in 50 Years of Style (Ford Mustang Collection)
RRP £11.50 £8.95 (Buy)
OPI sure knows how to do a gold nail varnish. In fact I have 3 or 4 gold nail varnishes by them (a girl can never have too many, am I right?!) and they're among some of the best-performing polishes I own. Happily, this offering in the Ford Mustang collection is no exception. The colour is so shiny it almost looks like a foil effect polish, and the tone is so warm and buttery that your tips look like they're glowing! As with all the other gold polishes from OPI that I own the wear time was excellent, with it lasting 3.5 days with only minor wear to the tips. In fact, by the time I came to remove it, the polish had barely chipped at all. I may well now make it my personal mission to acquire ALL the gold nail varnishes that OPI has to offer (you can see how much I loved another one that I own, All Sparkly and Gold from the Mariah Carey collection here), as all the ones I already own have performed really well. OPI is one of my favourite brands for a reason - they continually come out with beautiful new shades, and in general they wear very well, but this one is exceptional. Not only that but although it's discontinued, if you fancy buying this for less than a tenner then click on the link above which will take you to Nail Polish Direct, who have it in stock!

Jessica Custom Nail Colour in Gingersnap
RRP £10.50 (Buy)
Jessica is one of those brands that I wish I owned more of. I've known about them for years (from back in the day where I actually could afford to get manicures) yet I've only ever purchased a couple of colours from them. This is possibly because they're a salon brand and therefore I have dupes from other brands for most of the colours on offer, so any polish I pick up from Jessica has to be different and a bit special. This one, Gingersnap, is aptly named - it has a real air of a bronzey-ginger colour about it, although has sadly photographed very badly. This is the kind of shade you'll love in Autumn through to Winter - the shade is reminiscent of turning leaves while the metallic warmth also makes me think of those speciality coffees you get at Christmas. Okay, maybe I'm reading too much into a nail varnish colour, but it certainly is very beautiful. The wear time - as with all Jessica products I've encountered - is excellent, and while I believe it may be discontinued, I've managed to find it for you on Amazon. Now don't say I don't do anything for you ;-)

Barry M Nail Paint in Countess
RRP £3.95 £2.95 (Buy)
Barry M is, hands-down, one of my favourite nail varnish brands ever, primarily for their consistency and huge range of colours and effects. Sure, you'll get a dud now and again (I'm looking at you, Aqua Glitter), but on the whole their wear time is simply brilliant for the price. I bought this when the textured polishes first came out, as I love the effect combined with the glitter. One of my favourite ever nail varnishes is one by SEVENTEEN (which you can read about here), and luckily it wasn't a one-off - Countess is just gorgeous. It's a deep purple with antique gold glitter running through it and the texture almost gives the effect of sandpaper, giving your nails a fun extra dimension and making them really stand out. PRO TIP: wear time is comprised a little, but due to the rough texture you can simply blob on another bit quickly and no one will be any the wiser! I'm definitely up for trying more in this range. And hey, if you've already decided to buy the aforementioned OPI polish from Nail Polish Direct, you can snap this up too and save yourself a quid. MAGIC.


Nails inc Nail Polish in Kensington High Street
Nails inc is one of those brands that's so hit and miss that I'm really losing patience. However, the company did rebrand around 6 months ago and cleared all their old stock, and the couple of varnishes I have had from them since have fared a little better on the quality front, so I'm not writing them off just yet. I do have a lot of their older polishes which are great, but unfortunately this is not one of them. You can tell from the picture that it applied very streaky so was really hard to work with, but it also chipped within 24 hours and left a stain on my nails despite using a base coat. In the incredibly competitive world of nail varnish there's no room for a polish to perform as badly as this, particularly from such a high-end brand. This has subsequently been discontinued, and not before time.

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