Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Loving & Loathing - Week 75

It's Tuesday...whoops! I have no idea how I managed to miss my last Loving & Loathing slot (aka, the whole weekend) but I would never deprive you, so better late than never! The next installment will be on time (promise!) and I've got a review coming to you this week - maybe even two. So stick around folks, we've got some good ones on the way.

I have some lovely picks for you this week, as I discovered an awesome new conditioner and have also dug out some tried and tested favourites for you. There's also a dud which may surprise you, as it's from a much-beloved brand! Read on to find out more...

Top: Concoction Conditioner
Bottom L-R: Revlon Liquid Quick Dry, MUA Lip Tint, MAC Mascara


Revlon Liquid Quick Dry
RRP £6.49 (Buy)
Since the discontinuation of my beloved Save The Nail 45 Second Top Coat, I had been pining for a replacement to dry my nail varnish in double quick time. Enter Revlon's Liquid Quick Dry. It means that I have the freedom to use any top coat and not have to scour the shops to find something which dries quickly and performs well. You can just brush on once your top coat is mostly dry, and it'll leave your nails dry in a minute or two. Like the Save The Nail Top Coat, it leaves your nails completely dry - no more worrying about smudging your nails! It won't protect against ruining your nails if you've put your varnish on too thickly, and you may find a small dent or fabric imprint if you've done this, but if applied correctly it's a godsend. For years I would have to sit as still as possible trying not to smudge my nail polish, and even running my fingers under cold water. This product eliminates all that nonsense completely, and is even very well priced. It's now something I don't do my nails without!

Concoction Creme De Concoction Conditioner  - Cashmere & White Lily
RRP £16.00 £6.40 (Buy)
I popped this in my basket when I bought my GHD V Gold Max Kit (which you can covet here) as I thought it sounded lovely. I was right! It smells absolutely gorgeous, and has a faint salon-type scent to it too. Famous for their ShampYou Mixology range, Concoction is a brand I'd never tried before; however I'll be stocking up on this conditioner. It contains Orange, Lemongrass and Patchouli essential oils, and doesn't contain any parabens. Yay - you know by now how I hate parabens. There are a couple of features that I'm a bit ambivalent about; firstly the lid is frustrating as you can simply push one side down and the other end easily pops up, but the opening is so tiny that it's hard to get the super-thick conditioner out! The other thing is that it's an "Ultra Moisturising" conditioner - so much so that it does leave my hair a little flyaway as it gets so soft. On the plus side, the condition of my hair after just two washes using it is miles better, so I think I would use it sparingly like I would a hair mask. I don't know whether this range is being discontinued, as this is is the only product from Concoction on the website, but the price drop on Look Fantastic suggests it might be. The link above will take you there, but be quick as I may end up buying them all!

MUA's Peach Dream
MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Tint in Peach Dream
RRP £2.00 (Buy)
This is one of those MUA products that's just spot on, and is so affordable too. When I decided to try this on a whim early in the summer (at that kind of price they're very much an impulse buy), out of the six lovely shades on offer I thought this looked the prettiest. It's very moisturising but has a gorgeous hint of peach colour - ideal if you don't want a heavy lipstick or have dry lips. At the moment it's permanently in my handbag as it's ideal to grab when you're on the go, and since I never go without at last some colour on my lips it's the ideal compromise. There's every chance I may end up with all of them (particularly since MUA has 3 for 2 offers all the time), but I currently have my eye on Cherry Bomb and Coral Reef.


MAC False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara
RRP £19.00
I managed to get this cheeky mini freebie by filling out a survey for MAC, which was awesome as I love to receive samples. It's fab to be able to try out goodies before buying them...and in this case before spending £19! The effect that the mascara gives is quite good, and thickens lashes a reasonable amount; the problem I have with this is that it flakes. This is one of the cardinal sins in the mascara world, and many that I've tried at half the price don't do this. Considering its price point it's set firmly in the 'premium' category so I really would have expected something better and as MAC is one of my favourite brands I'm doubly disappointed. If I'm going to spend stupid money on a mascara then I'd rather purchase my beloved Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Mascara, or even Benefit's They're Real, which is a comparable price and an excellent product. This is the second mascara by MAC that I've been disappointed with - I also found the Zoom Lash version underwhelming - so I doubt I'd give any others a try.

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