Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Loving & Loathing - Week 76

Whoops! You blink for a second and you've missed a week. I'm very sorry for the lack of post last week, but something very special has happened. Yes, something that only happens once in a person's life and changes the way you see life forever. That's right, I've discovered Game of Thrones ;-) I've also been binge-watching it, so pretty much anything else in my life has slipped by the wayside. With that and the Rugby World Cup, well how can a girl get anything done around here? Normal business will be resumed from now on though.

This week I'm bringing you a pretty wide variety of products, including a brand new favourite from Lush and a Loathing that I really hope has been improved. Dive on in...

L-R: Maybelline Color Tattoo, Lush Bath Bomb, Miss Sporty Lip Liner, Accessorize Nail Polish


Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow in 65 Pink Gold
RRP £4.99 (Buy)
I have a couple of these lovely cream eyeshadows and they all get a big thumbs up from me as they're so easy to apply and very longlasting. They are also incredibly pigmented and easy to apply - basically it's everything you want from a cream eyeshadow. They can also be used as a base for powder eyeshadow to prolong their wear time and to enhance the colours. I haven't got round to it but I'm planning on using this underneath some of the shades in my beloved Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay; rose gold on rose gold? Yes please! The one slight downside of this shade is that it isn't quite as metallic gold as I would like, and is pretty much 80% pink, but it's a gorgeous shade nevertheless. I'd also recommend Metallic Pomegranate as another gorgeous shade, and I've just picked up Turquoise Forever to try out.

Lush Bath Bomb in Intergalactic
RRP £3.95 (Buy):
Blast off into funky? Thanks Lush, I might just do that! Don't ask me why, but Lush is one of those brands that I think is brilliant but never seem to get round to buying. I really need to sort that out though, as every product that I've been given from friends I absolutely love, and this is possibly the one I love the most so far! Anything that makes my bathwater glittery definitely gets my vote. I rarely use bath bombs as I love the bubbles from bubble bath, but I'll definitely be buying this one again as it's just gorgeous. One of the best things about Lush is that they have info on their website about all the ingedients they have in their products - in this case, peppermint, grapefruit, vetivert and cedarwood oils. No, I'd never heard of vetivert either, but apparently it's a tall grass and is "restoring and relaxing". Whatever the ingredients it smells incredible, and it even contains popping candy. Popping candy! Whatever next? For the best experience you should probably use the whole bath bomb, but as you can see from the main photo I've used half, because I'm stingy. I've tried The Experimenter as well which I also loved (though not as much as this one, obvs), and am looking forward to trying more from them - the citrusy Dragon's Egg is next on my list - yum!

L-R: Maybelline's Pink Gold, Miss Sporty's Bubble Gum
Miss Sporty Mini Me Lip Liner in 070 Bubble Gum
£2.95 (Buy)
This is one of those products that I've no idea where it came from! I'm lacking in the lip liner department, and really only own a nude Calvin Klein one and red ones by Guerlain and Nyx. Still, serendipity brought me this beaut, as it turns out it's the absolutely perfect colour to go with all of my MAC pink lipsticks...and there are a LOT. If I was surprised how pretty this colour was, I was blown away by how good the quality is. Let's face it, Miss Sporty is a brand I was not likely to consider as, and I don't think I'm alone here, it does come across as a bit cheap, tacky and aimed at teenagers. I'd definitely give some of their other products a go, however, as this lip liner is fantastic quality - even lasting longer than my lipsticks in some cases! At less than £3 it's an absolute bargain; sadly I don't think it's available in stores anymore but the link above will take you to Amazon, where you can still grab it!


Accessorize Nail Polish in Fairy Dust Glitter
Oh how I wanted to like Accessorize's Nail Polishes. Their makeup line is amazing, but this is the third nail product I've tried from them and the third which is poor quality. It's a stunning pinky-coral with glitter, which is a colour right up up my street, but it started to flake off within 24 hours. Very frustrating and not what I had hoped for. It's such a shame, as it's a colour I would wear over and over again, but who has the patience to only have 1 day's wear out of a nail polish? I know that Accessorize have relaunched their nil varnish line this year and I'll probably try one out but considering the bad experience I've had with this range, there's very little chance that I'd try more than one.

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