Blog & YouTube Disclosure Policy

There's nothing worst than reading a blog or seeing a video where there's obviously an agenda: it's in that person's best interests to provide a positive review of a product or brand. That's why I can guarantee that you'll never see any content from me that isn't 100% honest; I don't promote products that I don't like, or that I wouldn't use myself.

All products that you see in my blog posts and videos have been purchased by myself with my own money unless they are gifts, which is something I will always clarify. If a company is kind enough to send me a press sample, whether my review is positive or negative, this will be made clear in the post. A press sample does not mean that it will get coverage; I'll only voice my opinion on a product or brand if I really do have something to say about it. However,  I do use affiliate links, but only for products that I genuinely recommend and have or would buy myself.

Please note that I do not, and will never, accept remuneration from a company in exchange for a positive review; anything that I write on my blog or voice on my YouTube Channel is an honest opinion. While I am both happy and grateful to receive products for consideration, I am not interested in sponsored posts or videos.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at ellamouse9@gmail.com.