Here are some links to a few of my favourite beauty bloggers & vloggers that I really enjoy reading and watching.

Temptalia: The go-to resource for all kinds of beauty products - if I want an opinion on a premium product in particular I always read Christine's review. There's also a Swatch Gallery and a list of dupes for high-end cosmetics if you want to find an alternative. She's based in California so it's the most useful if you're in North America, but if it's something like a MAC collection, she also puts international release dates as soon as she knows them. It's her full-time job so there's masses and masses of reviews and swatches, plus she engages with her readers via polls and the comments sections. Find Temptalia here - it's hugely recommended.

MakeupByTiffanyD: Atlanta, GA-based beauty guru. Click here for her YouTube Channel, which focuses more on fashion and beauty, and here for her blog, which includes some amazing home decor ideas.

Julia Graf: A Swiss/Canadian who currently lives in Switzerland. Her videos are usually in English, with the occasional German video thrown in. She's a great resource for tutorials, and ideal if you live in Europe as she chooses a lot of products that aren't always available in North America, but can be easily found in most European countries. Check out her blog here and her YouTube Channel here.